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Nov 07, 2022 Written by  Hassan Ahmed

November is around the corner and is an excellent opportunity for many companies to engage with audiences over the next few months and do enough business before the year ends.

This month gives many opportunities for brick-and-mortar retailers as well as online organizations. In addition, this is the start of the most significant seasonal shopping holidays of the year, such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and of course, Christmas in December.

Five tips for driving sales in November

As the holiday season approaches, let us look at some marketing activities you should be considering that could significantly increase your holiday season sales!

In 2019, US shoppers spent nearly 20% more online than the previous year, representing an almost 5% increase in holiday shopping sales over 2018. The "holiday rush season" generally lasts from Black Friday to December 24. However, that season is constantly being extended to include more time in November and an increasing number of online offers in October.

Here are some tips that could increase the sales of your business in November:

1. Get the offers ready

Your marketing should primarily focus on promoting remarkable offers and holiday sales. This could be any deal that is promoted through various media channels. You want to look at proposals that will pique your audience's interest and get them to your website or store! These are frequently considered loss leaders but do not have to be; they are also often limited inventory offerings. Both strategies give retailers and brand more confidence to keep prices low at or near break-even levels while preventing a large volume of these items from being sold, which would harm overall financial performance.

2. Previous customers are key

Previous customers will undoubtedly account for more than half of your total sales. In some cases, brands see that around 80% of sales come from previous customers, so you must market to existing customers in any way you can. This is frequently done through email marketing campaigns segmented and targeted to existing customers with offers that can be tailored to them.

One of the best paths to increase revenue from existing customers is to build a marketing and customer relationship. Here are a few ways to market your customers and improve business.

- Find opportunities with market research

- Engage your current customers more

- Identify ongoing customer needs

- Customer Loyalty programs

- Refresh your products and services

- Cross-sell and upsell whenever you can

3. Plan your marketing channel

Strategize the different marketing channels to promote your brand, and sales events are planned out for the various offers you want to run and document on your media platforms.

How much you can easily spend on advertising and content scheduling also affects it.

Marketing channels can include Facebook ads, social media content, paid Google, broadcast/cable television, radio, sponsorships, events, and other methods. Plan out how much you want to spend each using the previous year's data to determine your best ROI on marketing spend, but do not discount and drop specific channels entirely, as this rarely results in a positive result.

There are various advantages of using the right marketing channel, which is the following:

- It helps to save money

- It helps to save time

- It is convenient

- It improves conversion

- It improves the effectiveness 

4. Make sure your website is working well

The last thing you want to happen is to drive much traffic to your website only to have it fail to impress users, transition to mobile, or function well, including any online store. But, on the other hand, you want to make it as simple as possible for people to give you money! So go through your website thoroughly to ensure everything is working and responding correctly. Remember, your website is always the first impression you make on potential customers; mobile devices account for 50% of all web traffic.

5. Get your team ready

Ensure that your team is aware of and well-versed in the offers you are running, how any discounts or exclusive deals work, and that they can fluently communicate the specifics of your sales event to customers. Also, expect your team to be busier than usual! Offering additional performance incentives for profit or volume targets is an excellent way to encourage customers to go beyond your company. During the holiday season, even small gestures can significantly impact employee motivation and attitude. Finally, keep a safe working environment for all employees as the pandemic continues.

If you have in-person sales, prepare your store to safely manage the extra volume of people, give any needed Personal protection equipment, and arrange additional facility cleaning.

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