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There are many successful entrepreneurs around the world but for every successful entrepreneur, there are thousands of unsuccessful people. So, what is it that separates a truly successful entrepreneur from the rest of the pack? That’s a loaded question but from all the interviews and biographies we can gather that there are in fact a few things that all successful entrepreneurs have in common. These are the commonalities that seem to take them to the next level and creates the difference between someone who made it and someone who really made it. Here are five undeniable habits that everyone should adopt if they want to mirror the behavior of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

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Wake up early

You’ve all probably heard the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm’ but it really does ring true in this circumstance. Statistics show that successful entrepreneurs rarely wake up later than 7 am and most start their day before 6 am. This is because the way a person begins their day and daily routines can really set the tone for the rest of the day. Richard Branson reportedly starts his day at 5:45 am, CEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner wakes up at 5:30 am and CEO of Apple Tim Cook starts his morning at 3:45 am (that’s a little too early in our opinion). But what we’re trying to say is if you want to achieve your goals you have to be willing to wake up early and prepare and organize your day. If you aren’t even willing to wake up a few hours early then how much do you really want success?

Effective time management

Successful entrepreneurs are known for managing their time well. After all, they are busy people with lots on their plate. Everyone has the same amount of time in their day. It doesn’t matter who you are we all get 24 hours in a day. That’s 86,400 seconds exactly. No more and no less. Time is precious and we need to ensure we use it effectively. Just because successful entrepreneurs wake up early does not mean they sit around all day watching Netflix and do little work. No, it means that they start the day with an exact plan of what they need to do and they do it. You need to be an excellent manager of your own time if you’re serious about long-term success. One way you can do this is by making sure you have a list of things you need to do during the day. List the most important tasks first and the not-so-important ones later. This will not only motivate you but subconsciously let you know that you have things to do and places to be and will reduce the likelihood and you procrastinating. This brings up our next habit: Goal setting. 

Daily goal setting

Daily goal setting is exactly what it sounds like. Setting goals on an everyday basis. Not only do successful entrepreneurs have big long-term goals that they want to achieve they also have smaller short-term goals. But on top of that, they also have even smaller daily goals that often come in the form of a to-do list. These mini daily goals can provide clarity for bigger goals on a smaller scale. Rather than be overwhelmed by the enormity and monstrosity of your long-term goals, you will be able to focus on small wins throughout the day which not only boost motivation and productivity but act as a great way to keep your morale high.

Confidence to take risks and accept failure

Most of the successful entrepreneurs you see today did not get to where they are without failures and misdirections. However, it is these very failures that have made them who they are today. A big part of being an entrepreneur is the confidence, willingness, and ability to take risks. You have to move outside of your comfort zone before even thinking about success. Entrepreneurs have amazing resilience and they need to be able to thrive off turning negativity around into a positive lesson. Risks and opportunities come hand in hand. You will never have one without the other so we are frequently told by those who have become successful that failure is an inevitable part of your journey towards success. You can’t grab on to opportunities without risk and you can’t achieve success without learning from your failures. Observe and absorb what you learn from your mistakes and turn it into positive progress.

Patience & Persistence

Entrepreneurs fail. They fail and fail and fail before they achieve success. Patience and persistence work hand in hand with the ability to deal with failure. You need to be patient with yourself and your work and cannot expect to see results immediately. Patience will enable you to put in the work every single day for months maybe even years before you begin to see the smallest of results. But it is that patience that will set you apart from those that give up too early because they expected too much too soon. That being said, having a persistent frame of mind will enable you to keep working hard for your goals and not give up when you hit roadblocks or difficult times. You need to keep in mind and remember that all successful entrepreneurs experience failure time and time again but it is their patience and persistence that has kept that spike in them going otherwise they would never be where they are now.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is much easier said than done but there are certain habits we can try and adopt that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have in common. If you’re able to build these habits into your routine then you will be one step closer to achieving the success that you’ve always envisioned. Good luck and never stop trying!

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