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There are many successful entrepreneurs around the world but for every successful entrepreneur, there are thousands of unsuccessful people. So, what is it that separates a truly successful entrepreneur from the rest of the pack? That’s a loaded question but from all the interviews and biographies we can gather that there are in fact a few things that all successful entrepreneurs have in common. These are the commonalities that seem to take them to the next level and creates the difference between someone who made it and someone who really made it. Here are five undeniable habits that everyone should adopt if they want to mirror the behavior of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is one bumpy road, don’t be fooled

As much as I would love to say that being an entrepreneur is smooth sailing, I know that I would not be telling the full story.

I’ve had some astronomical wins over the years, but in fairness, I have had just as many failures.

How to star in your own podcast

You’ve heard a great podcast and have an idea to lead your own. If you are unfamiliar with the podcast realm, here’s a short overview of how to star in your own podcast and get started.

Is your mindset standing in your way?
Entrepreneurship is a tough gig. Add jumping into it alone - that's even tougher. There's always going to be hurdles and barriers that you will face, but the biggest hurdle of all is your mindset.
Trust the Power you Hold Within
I was told to forget about developing Robotic Marketer - the world's first robotic and AI-based technology that develops marketing strategies in minutes, not months. I thought about it for a nanosecond. I had this moment of being scared and defeated. Then I said to myself "why should I?". I truly believe that I can do anything I set my mind to - and I'm right. 
What Keeps Entrepreneurs up at Night?
I got about two whole hours of sleep last night. I laid in bed for hours and hours tossing and turning, my mind racing, thinking about a whole heap of things.
Riding the Wave of Entrepreneurship
I woke up every hour from midnight, ready to get up and pack my bags for yet another trip. Today is just one of those days.
What is it that we really want as women? Do we want equal pay? Equal rights? Fair representation? What is it? 

The answer to this question is different for every person, so I can only speak for myself.
Top 100 Entrepreneurship Influencers in the world!!
Am I am entrepreneur first or a marketer first these days? 

I'm sitting at the Qantas Lounge at the Melbourne International Airport ready to board another flight to Los Angeles. I am a tad tired. 2.15am wakeup wasn't my best work, but sometimes excitement does get the best of me. Travelling for me, is exciting and part of the bigger adventure. I get to meet people that inspire me, shock me and sometimes join me on my journey as a friend, client or person "I just know".

Meeting people when you are an introvert is completely and utterly out of your comfort zone, and I know the value of being outside your comfort zone. It's one of the best things that can happen, especially if you are an entrepreneur.
How I became more successful after turning 40
When I turned 40, a remarkable thing happened... my world turned upside down and side-ways, and I quickly realized that I was nowhere near the place I thought I would be at that age.

I had to reconcile what had got me to where I was and that was a really hard thing to do.
The biggest risk is not taking any risk
People talk about it all the time as if it is easy to do, and quite frankly stupid if you don't, but risk is one very scary decision to make and it doesn't always turn out for the best.
Innovation and a Better Product or Service Sets You Apart
Business is something that every entrepreneur has to work on every single day in order to achieve success.

Ranging from overall business strategy through to finance, human resources, technology, operations and the quality of your product or service.
The Art of Startup - how to do it a third time
I'm about to do my third startup and it's a technology platform that completely disrupts an entire industry. I am thrilled to be part of this startup, but I know my limitations, something that perhaps in the first two I was a little unaware of or more prepared to 'wing it'.

Every single startup doesn't turn out like it is planned.
Why Americans and Australians need to take a leaf out of Israel's startup book
The story of Israel's economic miracle has seen the once controversial country placed front and centre in the war for the "start-up" limelight.
How To Fund Entrepreneurial Growth
The pressure of growing your business is insurmountable with the number of areas that each business has to consider. 

As a company, Marketing Eye has been a company who believes that growth is imperative to keep employees engaged, stay ahead of the curve and invest in areas such as innovation and technology – but this is all not easily funded.
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