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The time has finally come, whether you’re a fresh graduate ready to head into the big, wide world of Marketing, or perhaps you’re an experienced marketer looking for a fresh start someplace else. Regardless, you’ve gone through the screening process and now have landed an interview, firstly, Congratulations! It is a very big accolade to get this stage, so take a moment to congratulate yourself and relax.

6 Ways to Best Prepare for a Marketing Job Interview

The entirety of interviews is a complex system, there is no formula on how to nail it. However, you can follow these 6 tips on how to prepare for that interview you’ve been anticipating for.

1. Research

We cannot stress enough how pivotal it is to rock up to the interview with a complete understanding of the company you’re interviewing for. Learn the company’s global/local ranking, their clients and portfolios, core values and beliefs, company history and so on. You can be asked questions ranging from:

  • Where do you feel your level of expertise aligns with our company?
  • Can you tell us a little about our company?
  • What’s something you’d change about our company and how would you improve our marketing strategies?

You should also be familiar with the social media outlets of the company, as well as a predominant focus on their LinkedIn. Understanding the general demographic of the company’s target audience as well as the overall market is a must. These feasible ways to gain a further understanding of the company will allow you to become inevitably familiar at the highest facet.

2. Be Spontaneous

As a marketer, 90% of your job entails you having to embrace your creative side, so why hide it during your interview? You are undoubtably up against people with similar qualifications and experience as you, in some cases maybe even more. Therefore, it is highly recommended you demonstrate your innovative side. Worked on cool college projects? Done any work for friends, family clients on the side? Does your day/night working job require you to become creative?

By showing all of this, you’re presenting to your interviewer that you possess a high-quality thinking and aren’t afraid to embrace and apply it to your marketing work. An individual who tends to think outside the norm is an asset to any company, especially in the field of Marketing. Whether it is analytical reporting like SEO, or creative copywriting for blogs, social media etc, allow the interviewer to pick apart your mind on how you approach these tasks.

3. Be Authentic

There will always be a bigger fish in every pond you go in, that doesn’t justify you altering your values, ideology, and what makes you, you. The moment you walk into that office to the moment you leave; you should be the same exact person. There is no need to fabricate your personality to perceive yourself as a particular person. Interviewers can read right through this, whether it is your experience, qualifications, or overall demeanour, you must always be true to who you are.

If you feel the need to change any aspect of you and what’s on your CV, then perhaps that job isn’t for you. Overall character tends to leave more of a residual effect on your environment versus job performance, so take that into consideration if you were thinking of lying to meet the part.

4. Optimise Your Social Media

Did your social media become quite a bit of a mess during the initial lockdowns of the pandemic? Has it accumulated years’ worth of rubbish? It’s okay, we understand. Multiple surveys have all come to consensus that social media is a highly decorated tactic of employers when it comes to screening potential candidates. Over 62% of employees admitted they use social media to check on interviewees, and 98% go through their LinkedIn.

Optimising social media doesn’t by any means only show your professional side, it can also draw insight to who you are and your interests. You are not a robot; which means filtering content that presents your interests as much as achievements/career over the years is just as necessary. Hiring a candidate means they feel you align with their company values; however, you could potentially jeopardise their image if you were to work under them and have harmful content on your social media. This can also be extended to clients, perhaps they don’t want to be associated to a company/individual that may be seen as controversial. Make yourself presentable and formal, but don’t feel restricted to express your interests/endeavours.

 5. Self-Marketing

As a marketer, you should apply years’ worth of studying and work experience to yourself. Promote yourself, whether you’re affective at constructing and applying new marketing strategies, ability to meet KPI’s or you work extremely well cooperatively. You need to be able to demonstrate and tell your interviewer all of these facts without flaw. Begin with your strengths, and how you continue to apply them in your everyday work. As we are all human, we each possess weaknesses and that it okay.

Rather than kicking yourself for it, talk about how resilient and adaptive you are, and how your versatility allows you to overcome obstacles within your environment. Marketing is comprised of thousands of strategies and components, you aren’t expected to know all of them. Even if you somehow do, the market is constantly changing, so you need to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are able to adapt with it. Nothing is more attractive to an employer than a candidate who shows a winning and learners’ mindset to every challenge.

6. Lastly, Breathe…

You have made it this far for a reason, there is absolutely zero point stressing yourself out to the point where you cannot think clearly. Take a moment, whether it’s a day or a few hours, to detox from the situation to recalibrate. Employers are expecting a sharp mind, not a worn down one. Regardless, if the interview went extremely well or not, you should never let that discredit you, your achievements or experience. You learn something new every day, be proud of every opportunity regardless of the outcomes.

While taking all these points into consideration, just remember that your marketing journey does not end here. Marketing is comprised of continuous research, ensuring you are having to stay aware of current trends, old and new growing industries/markets, as well as having to adapt to any adversity or challenge along the way. This interview is just one steppingstone in the long road ahead of you, so continue marketing the truest version of yourself.

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