Integrating technology into your marketing strategy is vital in today’s world. When developing marketing campaigns, our team looks at how the campaign will work in all mediums – from direct marketing to mobile. By integrating social media, web and e-marketing to your mix, you will reach your audience more quickly and efficiently.


The Marketing Eye creative team is one you won’t find elsewhere. They provide a fresh perspective when it comes to branding, and then extend their abilities to marketing collateral, web design, and more. Working closely with our marketing managers, they bring a creative eye, while keeping your marketing objectives and brand values in mind.


We work with our clients on an ongoing basis so that we can become part of your team, working cohesively and maintaining a transparent relationship. You will have a marketing manager who is dedicated to your account, backed by a team of specialists to add value to your business’ marketing initiatives.

All In House

Our clients benefit from a team dynamic. With a no-outsourcing policy, the Marketing Eye team brings a wide range of skills to the table, working closely together. We collaborate on work for our clients, bringing multiple viewpoints and opinions in order to reach the ideal solution.


Our Company

Every business needs a 'marketing eye' but not every business has one. 
Now you can.

Marketing Eye is a disruptive marketing agency - we come into your business with change in mind. 

Many small businesses reach a point where they know they need to do something different. They need to update their strategy and they need to start marketing effectively, utilizing technology. But they don't know where to start. That's where we come in. Our model is simple - it's easy to budget and it's all inclusive. We offer you the ability to have a fully-integrated "Marketing Eye" without the hassle. 

We provide small to medium sized businesses with a complete outsourced marketing department spearheaded by an experienced marketing manager, providing you with an end-to-end marketing solution that aligns with your business plan.

Imagine this: a dedicated marketing manager, backed by a team of creatives and specialists who can do it all: graphic design, branding, web and SEO, social media, public relations and online.

We develop a marketing strategy and then execute the entire thing
. For $625 per week. All inclusive. No surprises. 

Marketing Eye works with high growth businesses who are looking to take things to the next level. You will benefit by capitalizing on our knowledge and ability to turn average brands into extraordinary value propositions for your client base. Marketing Eye takes control of all of your marketing needs and is responsible for ensuring that your business reaches its business goals. Sometimes a business just needs an extra set of 'eye's' to determine what your best elevator pitch is going forward. We dig deep to discover and analyze what sets your brand apart from the rest in order to effectively communicate your brand's unique value proposition to your clients and prospects.  

Our bespoke business model allows small businesses to benefit from the skills of a fully qualified marketing manager and complete marketing team. With the ability to execute all aspect of the marketing mix, inclusive of branding, graphic design, public relations, social media and web development, you will benefit from our holistic approach. There are no hidden costs or surprises, just a carefully executed marketing strategy that targets your client base and delivers on your business plan.

What can you expect? Experience. Professionalism. Results. With a no-outsourcing policy, any work done on your account will be done by Marketing Eye employees. This ensures you benefit from a team dynamic as well as no third-party markups. 

Some background about us: 

Established in 2004, Marketing Eye is one of the most established small business marketing brands, with more than 50,000 loyal followers on Twitter alone. Our marketing agency works with small businesses that are looking for high growth, increased sales performance and improved brand visibility. We have the best marketing consultants and we are proud to offer a personal and highly experienced marketing consultant for each of our clients. With a global presence, we are able to provide our clients with game-changing marketing solutions. Throughout the US and Australia, we service clients in Atlanta, Seattle, New York, Dallas, Denver, Sydney and Melbourne. 

By providing you with a dedicated marketing manager, skilled in all facets of the marketing mix, our marketing consultants for small business will help you reach your sales and marketing goals. Our process includes developing a marketing strategy for your firm and then implementing it over a 12-month period. After all, there is no point in having a strategy if you are not have the know-how or the resources to execute it. 

For an investment of $625 per week, Marketing Eye offers small businesses the chance to have a Marketing Eye in your business.

Why we are different?

Marketing Eye invests in training our marketing team in all facets of the marketing mix. We are not Publicists who have added marketing to their brand or web developers who outsource to third-parties. We have an in-house marketing and creative team that works with your firm to achieve your business goals creating marketing programs that work.

For all intents and purposes, we are your marketing manager and your personal marketing consultant, responsible for the marketing outcomes of your firm. Whether it’s generating leads, improving brand awareness, expanding into new markets, leveraging existing client relationships, public relations and social network marketing, we are there leading the way. With a no-outsourcing policy, our clients benefit from no additional mark-ups through third-party suppliers for consulting or web services.

As a leading marketing firm, Marketing Eye works with companies across a variety of industry sectors including professional services, sustainability, property, technology, health, beauty, natural food and beverage, travel, mining, transport and logistics.

Our processes ensure that each and every client has an awesome experience working with Marketing Eye. Not only do you receive a qualified and experienced marketing manager who will also serve as your personal marketing consultant, but you also receive:
  1. Networking opportunities with other business owners
  2. A voice through Marketing Eye’s business magazine that will be distributed to more than 10,000 business leaders
  3. Promotion on www.marketingeye.org - an online entrepreneurs magazine
  4. Ongoing education in marketing and how your team can participate in growing your brand
  5. More than one set of marketing eye’s on your business
  6. Marketing through Marketing Eye’s marketing machine; linkedin (founder: 7000 + followers), twitter (50,000 followers), facebook, blog and newsletter
  7. Profiling on the Marketing Eye website
  8. A team of people who are dedicated to helping you achieve your firm goals
  9. Key locations in the US market: Atlanta, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Chicago.
To speak to a Marketing Eye today, why not contact us online.

Everyone needs a marketing eye

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